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samantha’s song #2 - betrayal by akira yamaoka

i felt kind of guilty after saying that i was upset after friends told me the last song sounded like video game music. so here is a song from a video game!

samantha trivia: i am a gamer. a LADY gamer. crazy, right? 

anyway, i love the silent hill series. the ones developed by team silent, at least. i particularly love 2 and 3. and one of the main reasons i love them so is the music.

the music in these games was composed by akira yamaoka. and i think it’s safe to say he is excellent at what he does. the game atmosphere is driven by the music. it is so fantastically creepy, nothing needs to be happening in the game for you to get goosebumps. it’s the music. 

i first was exposed to silent hill around… 2003? i can’t remember (or do the math right now). it wasn’t until a few years later until i played it on my own. being exposed to such wonderful art made me appreciate music on another level. music doesn’t have to be in your face to make an impact. it can be part of the background, or scenery, and be just as effective. 

there is something so industrial and raw about this. and it’s excellent. this song is from a pivotal scene in silent hill 2. guh. i’d go play it now… if i wasn’t already playing skyrim.

samantha’s song #1 - veridis quo by daft punk

my first music love was electronic music. this is a nostalgic choice. i remember buying the album discovery on CD, and loving every song. for some reason, this song stood out.

i’ve played it for others, who seemed unimpressed. my partner dismissed it, told me it sounded like video game music. that comment made me upset. not that video game music is bad (which it certainly ISN’T, more on that another day), but this song just seemed like so much more to me then it is on first listen.

i remember listening to this song on my discman, in the dark, lying in bed. hearing the song now makes me think of that dark blue colour of the sky or an unlit room right before the sun is completely gone. i like that colour, and i like this song. 

not to mention daft punk is awesome, and this video segment, while the official music video for the song, is a part of interstella 5555, an anime feature that accompanies the entire discovery album. which makes it even more awesome.


i love music. i listen to it almost constantly. and i know a lot of people say “oh, i love everything!”, but i feel like i can confidently and honestly say i listen to and enjoy a wide variety of music genres.

i recently read an article where one of my favorite ladies, grimes, had complied a list of what she thought were the best songs of all time (well, the magazine put together a list of youtube videos of what she listed on her blog, but ya know, whatever).

as per usual, grimes is a great inspiration to me and i feel like doing the same! while they may not be the best songs, they will be songs that have profoundly affected me, changed my opinion/feelings about music, and that i think other should give a listen to… even just once.


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